Minetest Server: libregamenight.xyz:30000

Running since early 2017!

We've made beautiful homes, elaborate bridges, and massive, perfect tunnels spanning thousands of blocks Places. Join in!

The LGN Minetest server is a survival server with a custom subgame based on minetest_game with some OCD code, a few new mods, a few heavily-edited mods (mod list), and a set of minimal & stylistic textures. The client will automatically download the resources when connecting to the server. Getting Started Guide

Some of the new stuff includes:

  • All-new mob sound effects and calls
  • Robot dolphins spawn in sub-terranian water :o
  • You can cook dolphins, since dolphins are evil
  • Witty and funny death messages (if I do say so myself c;)
  • Several custom 3D nodeboxes
  • Skulls rather than bones when people die
  • Ghosts spawn upon a player's tragic death
  • Custom skin-selection-- all libre and LiGNUx friendly
  • Hell, we've got an RMS skin, a Freedo skin, a Tux skin, etc...

Some of the less-new (but rather rare) stuff includes:

  • A few mobs (mobs_redo: dolphins, ghosts, horses, etc.)
  • All tools can be placed down like blocks (from OCD)
  • When you hold a torch, it lights up the area around you
  • Some other stuff I can't remember right now?

So come on, join us on #libregamenight, mumble and on the server! :)

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