Getting Started Guide


  • Ladders and Swimming use Jump (space)/Sneak (shift) keys for up/down
  • Holding Use (e) makes you sprint (faster than a minecart!)
  • F9 to show the minimap
  • Holding Sneak (shift) will prevent you from falling off ledges
  • F5 displays debug info, including your world co-ordinates in the top-left
  • Right-click to get in/out of a minecart, attack it to accelerate, shift+attack to pick up
  • /spawn to teleport to the welcome tower (-3, 18, 5) next to the respawn point (0, 16, 0)
  • /sethome to create an alternative location you can teleport to with /home


  • Surface daylight is 05:15 to 18:45 (use /time if underground)
  • Mobs spawn in the dark, so use lots of torches to make safe areas
  • Attacking efficiently is down to timing, aim to hit approx every 1 second
  • Use the crafting guide to find out how make stuff, there's one facing you at /spawn
  • Tool durability: Wooden < Stone < Steel < Bronze < Mese < Diamond
  • Ore hunting: Iron (everything needs Steel), Mese (dropped by cave mobs), Diamond (durable)
  • Underground, saplings need green blocks, made with dirt+grass+wall torch/mese lamp


  • Client -> Network -> Saving map received from server: Enabled
  • Client -> Graphics -> In-Game -> Advanced -> Round minimap: Disabled
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