Wesnoth (TBS)

Version: 1.14.4+ (2018)

.deb backports are available by following the instructions at https://debian.emorrp1.name/ (for Trisquel 8 use codename=xenial)

New player setup

  • You need to have played though the Tutorial at least, to be introduced to concepts and controls
  • Multiplayer -> Login to set nickname
  • Multiplayer -> Connect to Server -> libregamenight.xyz:15000 -> Connect

Host server setup

Port: 15000

Chat commands

There are some commands available for the lobby chat which begin with a forward slash:

ban; details; drop; emote; friend; help; ignore; info; join; kick; log; mute; muteall; names; part; ping; query; register; remove; report; room; room_query; rooms; set; unban; unmute; version; whisper;

For help on a command "Type /help <command> for more info."

TODO modify this as required for the relevant commands available to a player on the LGN server

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