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TetriNET's an online Tetris implementation. Developed by a feline of the name "Sto0rmCat" in 1997, it's become a rather popular Tetris game that runs on most anything, even toasters.


The main clients on UNIX for TetriNET are tetrinet (ncurses) and gtetrinet (GTK).

Tetrinet (ncurses)

Homepage | Source Code

No-one really uses this one anymore, but you can still install the package tetrinet on Parabola [Arch], or build from source.

On Parabola [Arch], you can use this script to easily install tetrinet.

Gtetrinet (GTK)

Homepage | Source Code

On most systems, Gtetrinet can be installed through the package gtetrinet from package repos, including:

  • LibertyBSD [OpenBSD]
  • Trisquel [Ubuntu]

On LibertyBSD [OpenBSD] 6.1, you can use this script. On Trisquel [Ubuntu], you can use this script.

On Parabola [Arch], you need to build from the AUR. You can find the AUR tarball here, and a script to easily install it here.

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